15 Reasons to Upgrade to Canva Pro

Upgrade to Canva Pro

Introducing Canva Pro – a solution that requires little prep-work


Not just the usual top three, here we have the top 15 reasons to upgrade to Canva Pro.  Yes, that’s a whole lot of reasons and we are going to tell you why.

For most small businesses, spending up big on any of the Adobe suite of software programs or a Graphic Designer every time you needed to produce an ad or graphic would break the bank.  However, you could give a team of 5 access to a Canva Pro account for under $20 per month!  In comparison, Illustrator would set you back $48.99 per month, PLUS you’re going to need the training to get proficient at it.  Now if we told you it’s as simple as click & drop to look like a pro, you’d be interested right?

Once you know what you want to say, designing it into a social-worthy graphic is a breeze.  There are gazillions (not an actual number) of Canva templates for just about anything you need to produce:

  • Infographics
  • Instagram Stories
  • Social Posts
  • Documents/Presentations
  • Video
  • Posters
  • Gift Certificates


Design Instagram posts in under 5 minutes using thousands of templates on Canva.

Of course, there’s a lot to offer from the free version of Canva, BUT once you get a taste of how easy it is to use and what’s possible, you’ll want to dig a little deeper into what else is possible. Design on the fly, keep your branding on point, collaborate and comment on designs, it’s insane how simple the Canva design program is.  Oh, and if that isn’t enough, it’s an app, yep an app on your phone or ipad/tablet so you can create a quick design and schedule it all within the program.

So, here’s the top 15 reasons out of the many that we discovered to upgrade to Canva Pro:

The Top 15 Reasons to Go Pro

  1. Schedule your Social Posts
  2. Organise your content in folders – Month/Topic/Format/Designer
  3. Create branding packs and customise your colour palette
  4. Resize your designs to custom sizes
  5. Download PNG images with transparent backgrounds
  6. Formats your saved files as PNG, JPG, MP4, SVG, GIF, PDF standard or Print ready with crop marks & bleeds
  7. Create videos for any platform
  8. Customise Canva’s templates to suit your needs
  9. Add animations to your creations
  10. Remove the background from an image
  11. Access all Canva Premium content
  12. Design in teams – switch between teams and collaborate
  13. Unlimited storage for photos and assets
  14. Upload your own images
  15. 75+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics free-to-use – included in your Canva Pro membership

In Summary

Canva doesn’t try and compete with software like Illustrator, however, it can be a great alternative solution for the designer who:

  1. Wants to focus merely on output and get rid of software overhead
  2. Needs a static and easy-to-integrate format
  3. Needs to convey few key messages in a visually powerful way
  4. Is on a tight software license (and time) budget

Create a free account and see how easy it really is to make yourself or your business look creative, modern, and with a consistent brand & style that will make you instantly recognised across your digital platforms, presentations, and in print.  What more could you ask for?

If you’d like help with managing your content for your website and/or socials reach out and we will be more than happy to have a 30 min brainstorming call with you. If you’d prefer to dive in and give it a go, here’s our 4 Essentials to Launch Your Instagram guide (which was created in Canva of course) to help you along your way. Pro

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