The Power of Social Proof in Online Marketing

The Huge Power of Social Proof in Online Marketing

social proof in online marketing

With online marketing continuously growing, the essence of social media proof is also dominating the spotlight. In this blog we will outline why social media is a must and can be the most significant plot twist for your website or company.

Let’s say you’ve already gained the satisfaction of having successful company. You’re already securing new customers, and existing clients love what services you can offer. But, you lack one thing.

What is it?

The Essence of Social Media Proof and Presence in Online Marketing

Let’s begin by analysing the importance of social proof. Whether it’s a small or big business, it is crucial.

Your social proof is a major activity you should focus on when building your brand. Why? Because people today rely more on social proof than advertising which is based on trust.

What is Social Proof?

Either it’s online or in the real world, social proof affects and influences our behavior with people around us. Robert Cialdini coined the term social proof with his 1984 book about influence. It pertains to a psychological and social behavior where other people’s actions influence people.

This proof will give you a glimpse that someone is doing the right thing. Thus, if you’re a customer, you’re more likely to like and trust the services and products that are patronised by most people.

Meaning, the rates, reviews, and anything that can be proven will always matter to you. Because let’s be honest, you don’t want to order a product at a store with an average rate of two stars. Once you encounter that kind of review, you automatically think negatively about the quality of what they can offer.

On the other hand, if you see a top-rated store or profile, you’re more likely to trust and buy from their service.

But going deeper, social proof isn’t just all about the ratings and reviews.

We know that you won’t trust a cold call from an unknown company if they can’t be found online.

The Cons of Not Being Found Online

A company that doesn’t have an online and social media page, website, and reviews are hard to trust. As a customer, you don’t want to entrust your money, time, and effort to something that doesn’t give you a good return.

On a side note, that company could be a highly recommended one and with a good reputation. However, because of not having a good online and social media presence, they are losing their potential customers. They lack social proof that can give people an insight into what kind of company they are.

There are loads of companies experiencing the same struggle. It could be your website or your social media profiles. Here’s some of the things you should consider if you want to build and improve your online presence.    

Good Examples of Social Proof for Your Website

  • Testimonials and Reviews

Getting more and high-rated reviews provide greater chances of people visiting your website. 

These good testimonials from your previous clients and business partnerships should be featured prominently on your website.

  • Other Brands and Companies

Partnering with other trusted brands can help you improve your social proof. Since they already enjoy a highly regarded name and reputation, people can easily avail themselves and patronise their services. By collaborating with them you can lead to a wider spotlight and more proven pieces of evidence about your social proof.

You can indicate these high-end and top-rated brands to your landing page. This way, people visiting your website can easily see whether they can trust you or not. It makes them save their time without having further research to see your accomplished works and other credentials.

  • Approval Stamps

One thing to make your potential clients choose your brand is your approval or certification of some important stamps. Especially if you’re in the fields of food, health, and medicine, you need to put a seal that says you have permission to run your business.

These stamps of approval not only make your business legit and authentic but also trustworthy and reliable. Thus, it adds more points to your social proof in front of your customers and future clients.

The Importance of Social Media to Your Social Proof

When it’s about social media, you don’t belittle its benefits and the things it can do for your advantage. Putting your presence into its different platforms and branches can make you well-known from local to national and even global. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube play a significant role in developing your online presence.

The way of online marketing in these social media platforms isn’t that complicated as most people think. There are a lot of ways that you can implement to market your business online.

If you’re new to utilizing social media platforms, you can start by planning your posts to make everything organized. This way, you can also maintain the consistency of your posts. Remember, consistent postings will also help you gather and reach more audiences. 

You can schedule your posts by using social media scheduling tools to keep your accounts up to date. There are various tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, Tailwind, Social Bakers, Planable, and many more options that you can choose.

Develop Your Social Media Proof with Ground Zero Digital

If you’re a new business, one of the first things you need to prioritise is your social profile and authenticity, especially in this digital age, where people often go online. Concerning the various crises continuously arising, most people take and market their businesses online.

At Ground Zero Digital, we help business owners to build their social proof and reputation for more upcoming clients.

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