Shopping ads, google ads, clicks, oh my.

Holy Shirt was looking for a better bang for their buck, so they came to us to see if we could rise to occasion a help them out by cleaning up their Google Ad campaign and giving them a boost in the search results.

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The Client.

Holy Shirt is a well-established business supplying custom embroidered and printed work wear with no minimum quantities (USP) with a specialty in hi viz apparel.

The Challenge.

Google Ads
Holy Shirt came to us with an active Google AdWords account which wasn’t performing well and costing more than they were making back in conversions.

Poor ROI to put it lightly.

Google gives each ad a quality score based on the website’s domain authority, and other adherence to SEO fundamental. When the website does not meet the criteria, Google does not show the ad as often or moves it down in position under other sites that have better quality scores.

Holy Shirts’ ad campaigns had the potential to improve impressions and position through optimisation of the campaigns. For example the ads contained the word “safety clothing” etc. in the keywords list. Google considers keyword like these to be sensitive.

The site was not generating acceptable amounts of organic traffic or new traffic, with the bulk of traffic coming from AdWords clicks.  On-page SEO had not been completed to a satisfactory standard, therefore limiting the ability of search engines to successfully rank the site in SERPS (Search Engine Results).  The website was achieving poorer rankings over time and rarely in top 10 pages.

The Strategy.

Google AdWords
In addition to the daily optimisation of bid amounts we assisted in getting better quality clicks and reducing the spend on clicks.

  • Competitor Analysis – ads & keywords
  • Responsive ads
  • Refining negative keywords – Recheck and remove/add keywords.
  • Dynamic ads
  • Identifying demographics & bid improvements.
  • Test Ad scheduling and fix fine performing ad schedules.
  • Improve any other issues found during the optimisation.

The first step in the strategy was to audit the website for On-site SEO for missing information that assists search engines index and rank the website. The basic strategy of ongoing work looked like this:

  • Review and editing of content.
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Tags
  • H1, H2 & H3 headings
  • Focus Keywords/phrases
  • Optimised URLs
  • Optimised Page Names
  • Page speed improvements
  • Structured data
  • Internal linking
  • Image optimisation
  • Fixing titles & descriptions to improve SERP clicks.
  • Link building: Improving link building by versatile quality link sources & expanded anchor texts.

The Result.

We managed to get an optimisation score increase of 90% within the first month.

By changing the way the ads were setup and optimising a new set of google shopping ads, we were able to achieve a higher visibility in the search engines for a lower cost per click.

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Shopping ads, google ads, clicks, oh my.
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