Can I learn SEO for free?

Can I learn SEO for free

Can I learn SEO for free? The short answer is yes, but you will need to invest some of your own time and effort.

You want to be on the first page of Google. You’ve invested countless hours, your money, and resources into your SEO campaign. And yet, you’re still falling short of your goal and are looking for a new way to take your campaign to the next level.

The future of SEO management is here.

If you are a beginner or a business owner that would like to increase your knowledge of SEO so that you can ask the right questions of your SEO agency or even manage your SEO in-house, then LaunchSEO is just what you have been looking for. Businesses need to have a good grasp on the basics of SEO and with LaunchSEO, you will be able to learn how to optimise your website to begin drawing organic search traffic and start increasing conversions.

No tech skills? No problem, we got you covered.

What is LaunchSEO?

LaunchSEO is a comprehensive, yet easy to understand course that will teach all of the basics of search engine optimisation and the different areas that fall under this umbrella term. It covers everything from keyword research, content creation and technical elements such as page speed and mobile-friendliness.

The course has been designed with beginners in mind and does not require any prior knowledge or experience in this field. However, it is also suitable if you have some experience but want to know more about a particular area.

SEO Course Modules

Our online SEO training course is easy to follow and interactive. Each module is broken down into easy to follow video segments so you can go at your own pace.

You can complete the course at your own pace and it consists of five modules:

Module 1 covers How Google Works – understanding the algorithm.
Module 2 covers SEO Fundamentals – technical, on-site & off-site SEO & Local Search Techniques
Module 3 looks at Developing a Strategy – how all of the components work together.
Module 4 covers Building Backlinks – backlink strategy, good vs harmful backlinks, what is domain authority?
Video Led Course
Our online SEO training course is easy to follow and interactive. Each module is broken down into easy to follow video segments so you can go at your own pace.

Test your knowledge

At the end of each module, you can test your knowledge with our interactive quiz. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the questions right, you can still progress through the material.

SEO Training for Business Owners, Boutique Agencies, Freelancers

We have found our process to be immensely valuable; not just for ensuring that all of our clients’ websites are set up for search engine success, but also for achieving high rankings and staying there. Even so, there is still nothing that beats getting hands-on experience in order to fully understand the concepts behind SEO. Whether you are a marketing expert looking to branch out into consulting; a freelancer working towards bringing on new clients; or an established boutique agency hoping to take your SEO offerings to the next level, learning from the experts will save you hours of trial and error.

SEO Guided by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence algorithms and tools for SEO optimisation have been a long time coming. However, it has been an expensive dream for businesses to achieve. Today, LaunchSEO is leading the pack with AI guided SEO management tools that are affordable and accessible to everyone. Give them a try, they might change how you think an SEO management service should work.

When time is money, LaunchSEO is an investment that will pay off big time. So what are you waiting for?

The answer is clear – Can I learn SEO for free? Absolutely!!

Register for the training and learn how to outrank your competitors. Already have SEO skills? Then book a demonstration with one of our team and see how easy it is to manage your own SEO. You can also take advantage of our Free Site Audit and see how your SEO can be improved.

Need an updated or new lead generation website? Reach out and discover how far you can go with a custom-designed, functional website.

What’s Next?

Get in touch for a quick chat and receive your free GMB & Presence Audit + Website Audit. With your new found knowledge, you will have a clearer idea of what the possibilities are for increasing your brand awareness and the opportunities take up to drive more traffic to your Google Business Profile AND your website.

Looking to learn SEO?  Check out for free SEO training and a free website audit. LaunchSEO is a unique Artificial Intelligence Guided SEO platform with the bonus of support on hand when you get stuck.  This will literally save you thousands of dollars every month and/or year. Isn’t that worth considering?

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